What Is Time Blocking?

Venom Scott
1 min readMar 25, 2022

Time blocking is a strategy in which you’ll break your time down into discrete “blocks” or set increments wherein you’ll accomplish specific tasks.

For example, in an 8-hour day, you might work with 16 30-minute time blocks, assigning tasks like “email catch-up,” “daily meeting,” or “project B” to each 30-minute block.

Time Blocking Variations You Should Know

Here are some distinctions of time blocking you should know about.

1. Task Batching

This refers to grouping similar tasks to complete all at once. Therefore, you won’t have to switch contexts throughout the day.

2. Day Theming

This is an extreme version of time blocking. It is perfect for people who deal with many areas of responsibilities and need to block each day based on a theme.

3. Time boxing

This refers to setting aside time to focus on a certain task or activity within a specified period of time.

Is Time Blocking Bad?

Time blocking is only bad if you don’t give yourself the freedom to rest and enjoy your personal time. Even if you consider yourself as an achiever who constantly pushes for great results, scheduling your tasks using time blocking will allow you to get into a more productive rhythm.



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